It All Started With A Little Red Radio Flyer Wagon
“Jonny’s Wagon”

“Partnering With Communities To Help End Hunger In America”

My Daily Armor and Jonny's Wagon

How Jonny’s Wagon Got Its Name

We met Jonny the first time we carried food into our city to feed our homeless. We walked down to Louisville’s Water Front and I still recall the first thing Jonny said to me when we met. “Hi, I’m Jonny G, Jonny without the H”. I said, “Hi Jonny G, without the H, how are you doing today?”. “I’m good”, he said. We were handing out food boxes to our homeless in the area from a little red “Radio Flyer” wagon, just below Joe’s Crab Shack. Another ministry was set up nearby.

Jonny said, “Can I ask you how much you paid for your wagon?”. “I’ve been looking for a wagon because I don’t like taking shopping carts, it’s like stealing”. “I don’t honestly recall Jonny”. “But, I will do my best to get you one”, I said. I told him we’d be back downtown in a few days, and if I was lucky enough to find one, I would be happy to give it to him.

As fate and faith would have it, our church group was running a yard sale for one of our community pastor’s adoption campaigns and sure enough, there it was. A Radio Flyer red wagon. It was a “God Moment”. I purchased the wagon, and we took it downtown on our next visit. We were able to find Jonny G again and give it to him.

What has developed over the years is a friendship, a bond between Jonny and our mission. He’s our friend, but more importantly a brother in Christ. He’s part of our family. Jonny’s struggle made such an impact on our founder that he named our US outreach after him and our red wagon story.

The Original Jonny's Wagon - 2015

Photo of Jonny G shown with the original red Radio Flyer Wagon the evening he received it (2015)

But This Is Only The Beginning Of Jonny’s Story

You see Jonny’s Story doesn’t end there! Through the efforts of many organizations in the Louisville area, Jonny is now living in an apartment and has dedicated his life to giving back to the community he loves, and that cared for him in his time of greatest need. Jonny’s Story is providing hope to many that are currently struggling with the same issues that he had. He’s an inspiration to many!

Help us support our communities in need, people just like Jonny who could really use a helping hand. By giving generously, you can help Jonny’s Wagon make an impact on food insecurity and in the lives of those less fortunate in the US. Your donations go to work immediately.

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Matthew 25:40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

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