A Christmas Miracle

“A Christmas Miracle”

A Budget Shortfall 

As we entered the 2019 Christmas season, I was anything but joyous. For months I had seen it coming but December was here now, and our ministry was facing a $6000.00 budget shortfall going into 2020. 

People We Love Were Going To Be Impacted 

I had been praying for funds to come in that would allow me to present a balanced budget to our newly elected board of directors, and I was now just days away from having to make some very tough decisions, decisions that were going to lead to cuts in our programs and project work ultimately. The people we love and care for around the world were going to be impacted.


Why Hadn’t He Answered 

While I never lost hope, I had been praying for God’s provision and it hadn’t come. I remember, a week before I was going to sit down and write up our budget, just dropping to my knees in tears in my office begging God for help. Surely, He had seen my heart and knew our needs were real, why hadn’t He answered. 

And Then The Answer Came 

The day before I was going to sit down and make up our final budget, just two days before Christmas, a single check came into our PO Box for $6000.00, the exact amount we needed. 

Amanda and her husband would later share with me that they had just been having lunch together when God moved and placed it on their hearts to send this to us. My prayers were answered, and in such a way as to leave no doubt that God had heard my cry for help and answered it. 

God’s Humble Servant,
Scott Goldbach
Founder And Executive Director
My Daily Armor Ministries – Amazing Orphans International – Jonny’s Wagon

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