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We’re currently working on projects in the USA, Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world that require funding. Please consider giving all that you can to support our Christian humanitarian relief efforts.

Scott Goldbach

Scott Goldbach

CEO And Founder

As CEO, Founder and Team Project Lead for My Daily Armor Ministries, I’m constantly looking for innovative ways to meet our goals and get the word out about the work we’re doing in different parts of the world.

My Daily Armor Ministries began on January 21st, 2013 and since that time, and with God’s amazing blessings, we have continued to expand our ministry and now support orphaned and abandoned children internationally, help feed the homeless in the US and have visions set on supplying Christian humanitarian relief efforts across the globe. (See Scott’s Bio)

Norm Reeves

Norm Reeves

Sr. VP and Public Relations

Sr. VP and Public Relations for My Daily Armor Ministries. Norm has run a successful business in the Louisville area for nearly 30 years.

Norm’s connection with Southeast Christian Church and the community of Louisville and Southern Indiana, along with his outgoing personality, gives him a distinct advantage in helping us get the word out about the work we’re doing here at My Daily Armor Ministries.

In addition, Norm is also responsible for our homeless outreach program here in the US. He and his wife Wilma do an outstanding job of helping feed and care for Louisville’s homeless.

Susan Abner (Right)

Susan Abner (Right)


Chief Financial Officer for My Daily Armor Ministries. Susan brings a wealth of accounting knowledge to bear from her past experience in the corporate world.

Susan is responsible for financial oversight, budgeting, account maintenance, reporting, tax preparation coordination with our accounting team (MCM) and the creation of financial policies and procedures that augment accountability within our organization.

Karen Cain

Karen Cain

Internal Audit

Internal Auditor for My Daily Armor Ministries. Karen brings a wealth of accounting knowledge to bear including proficiency in Six Sigma Accounting Methodologies.

Karen is responsible for providing financial oversight, and the creation of financial policies and procedures that augment accountability within our organization.

Jim Lamping

Jim Lamping

Worship Leader

As the newest member of our MDA Family, Jim Lamping joins us as worship leader to our homeless families. Jim leads service the fourth Friday of every month at the corner of Water Street and N. Campbell Street with his wife TJ and daughter Sarah who volunteer to help serve meals to our homeless community.

Mary Lang and Susan Abner

Mary Lang and Susan Abner

Medical Response Team

Mary Lang and Susan Abner two very special ladies with a very special talent, they are nurses and the core of our Medical Response Team.

Mary and Susan have been called upon to care for our homeless families, from patching up scrapes and abrasions to emergency transport.

Cindy Martin

Cindy Martin

Child Sponsorship's Account Manager

Child Sponsorship’s Account Manager for My Daily Armor Ministries, Cindy is responsible for assisting us with our growing child sponsorship program, seeing to it that each child is successfully entered into our program, assisting with marketing and in other areas as the need arises. We are very happy to have her on our team.

Stephanie Goldbach

Stephanie Goldbach

Child Sponsorship Onboarding Specialist

Child Sponsorship Onboarding Specialist for My Daily Armor Ministries. Stephanie is responsible for the vital role of discovering, researching, making first contact with new orphanages and bringing new children into our child sponsorship program.

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AmazingOrphans.Org, An Outreach of My Daily Armor Ministries, Provides Support For Orphaned Children Around The World. See How You Can Help.

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Jonny's Wagon, An Outreach of My Daily Armor Ministries, Provides Food and Vital Supplies For Our Homeless In The US. See How You Can Help.

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My Daily Armor Ministries supplies food, clothing, education, and financial assistance for medical care to orphans internationally, and helps feed and care for the homeless in the US. We are a Christian organization with visions set on supplying humanitarian relief efforts across the globe.

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In 2016, 95% percent of My Daily Armor's donations were available to those in need, including orphans, children, families, and the homeless.

Significant operational expenses were covered by our team.
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Matthew 25:35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,

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