My Daily Armor's Christian's Digest19 Quick Love Notes You Can Write To Rekindle Your Marriage

When God wanted to connect with mankind he wrote a letter.

Indeed, the Bible is an epic billet-doux which melted our hearts and made us surrender to his Calvary proposal after we had stupidly jilted him in Eden.

Not only that.

God’s word still assures us of His love, picks us up when we’re down, rebukes us when we stray, and pats our backs when we do well.

Take a cue from God and write your way to a better marriage even if you’re not a writer, or worse, hate writing.

But I don’t have the words I can hear you whining. No problem. That’s where I come in. I’ll give you the exact words to use to reignite your love life.

#1. Make a heartfelt apology

Admit it.

You’re human so you mess up. When you’ve offended your spouse own up and promptly repent.

Words cannot express how sorry I am for [offense] By God’s grace I promise not to repeat the offense.

I’m heartbroken knowing that I’ve hurt you by……….Please forgive me.

#2. Tell him why you love him

One hundred times.

That’s the number of instances God tells us outright in the Bible that he loves us (excluding the implicit references of his love).

Telling your spouse you love them is great. Telling them why is greater because it grows the complimented behaviour.

They’re so many reasons why I love you. Here are the list toppers….

I love you because………..

#3. Reminisce the first time you met

Remember the first time you saw your darling? It was special, wasn’t it?

It’s time to use that significant incident to flame the flames of your marriage.

I chuckled when I remembered the first time we met. It was [insert rendezvous]. You were wearing…….and looked…..

What struck me about you the first time we met was……………….and I thought this guy/gal is unique because…..

#4. Boldly express your money-matters view

You don’t have to be inhibited when it comes to money in your union.

Convey your feelings honestly but sensitively so that money becomes a blessing in your home not a curse.

How can we give more to the Lord’s work and worthy causes?

I sometimes feel left out in key money decisions. Let’s chat about how we can manage our finances together on [day and time]

If we’re not careful with our spending habits we’ll soon be bankrupt. Any ideas on how we can cut back on our expenses?

Borrowing money is not a sin but I’d really appreciate it if you discuss things with me first if the figure is above [state figure] so I’m not surprised when our debtors come knocking.

#5. Put a banner on your favourite moments

Whether you’ve been married for days or decades there’re special moments you’ve shared.

Celebrate them big time.

Count your blessings one by one until gratitude gushes forth like the mighty Amazon River.

I thank God for the wonderful moments we’ve shared. My favourite so far was the time/day when we/you……….

If I had to choose one sweet moment in our marriage so far it would be…….

#6. Speak your spouse’s love language

Get to know what titillates your spouse’s love receptacles so you tickle them on the exact spot that’ll cause their love dam walls to collapse.

Here’s how:

Love, what do you appreciate most? Is it my presence, presents, words of praise, physical intimacy, or practical service?

Honey, I was wondering…what makes you feel loved?

#7. Celebrate the first times

Firsts are special.

So special that there’s even a Bible study method called the law of first mention, ha-ha.

Do you remember the first time we…..kissed/bought a house/become parents/made love/bought a car/went on holiday etc. It was……

#8. Paint a desired future on the canvas of your union

All marriages must grow. A bad one can become good. A good one can become better. A better one can become stellar.

I think our marriage will grow if we……….

Let’s chat about how to add zing to our marriage tonight. For a start I think we can…..

#9. Nip off budding problems from your matrimonial rose

Every marriage faces challenges.

The question is how to solve them. A good problem-solving strategy is dealing with them before they take root, bud, and blossom.

I’m concerned about [area of concern] When’s a good time to talk about this?

I feel [negative emotion] when you [specific behaviour] It makes me feel [negative emotion]

I think if we don’t address [bugging issue] we might end up [negative outcome here] so let’s [suggested solution]

#10. Send your spouse a conference invitation

You don’t have to leave home to go for a conference.

Call a mega love conference to reconnect, bond, and address pertinent issues with your spouse.

Honey, let’s talk about [name the elephant in the room]

How about discussing [Issue] at [venue] on [day and time]

#11. Send a third party SOS

Sometimes, in spite of our spirited efforts to solve matters, there’s a stalemate which needs a third party to break.

When that happens, you must humbly reach out to your partner and suggest bringing in someone to help. That’s wisdom not weakness, okay my dear brothers? (*winks)

You know we’ve struggled with [issue] for [period]. I feel it’s time we roped in someone to help. How about [suggested qualified counsellor] or do you have someone else in mind?

Since we’re deadlocked on the issue of [issue], I suggest we ask someone to help. Any suggestion?

[Counsellor’s name] is a great marriage counsellor. How about asking him/her to help us with [name issue]

#12. Ward off uninvited cooks from your marriage broth

Marriage is for two and quickly turns sour if a domineering parent, a careless relative, or an overzealous friend starts meddling.

Ensure no one puts you asunder by penning this note:

I love having [person’s name] here but I feel she sometimes goes overboard in [undesirable behaviour]

[Person’s name] is a part of our lives and I don’t want that to change. However I feel things would get even better if he/she stops [undesirable behaviour]

#13. Make a pledge

Declarations are powerful.

Not only do they fortify your resolve, they strengthen the bond between you and your spice (yes, spice not spouse).

You’re still the one for me.

I’m yours forever.

I belong to you and no other.

#14. Write your own Bible chapter

I’m talking about sexy song of Solomon not dreary sleep-inducing Numbers (please don’t tell Pastor I said part of the Bible is boring).

Go sensual.

You don’t have to blush because God configured sexuality into our beings for us to freely delight ourselves in marriage.

When I see or touch that/those [descriptive word] of yours I’m enraptured.

I wish we could try [romantic adventure] this week.

I’m still feeling [adjective] from the way you/we [insert sexy activity] last night.

I’ll never forget that night of passion! Our lovemaking was so [verb or adjective]

#15. Become your spouse’s prime cheer leader

Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul.

Everyone needs it and one of your prime responsibilities is to encourage your beloved—always, in exquisite and excruciating times.

I believe in you.

You will rise again.

You can do all things through Christ.

I support you no matter what.

  1. Wed again

For most people their wedding’s the most joyful moment in their lives—by a church aisle mile.

So why not relive it? Again. And. Again.

When I walked down the aisle and saw you standing by the altar I felt [adjective] to be tying the knot with such a [adjective] person like you.

Each time I remember [humorous incident] on our wedding day I just can’t stop laughing!

What touched me the most on our wedding day was….

#17. Become your spouse’s pain killer

Pain is part of life but it makes a world of difference when the love of your life provides a shoulder to lean on during those dark times.

These brief words are a great way of doing just that.

You’re not alone.

I feel your pain.

I’m standing with you in prayer.

You’re not yourself when you’re in pain, so I don’t expect you to [routine responsibility] as usual.

#18. Revisit riveting honeymoon hoorays and howlers

Drama and the honeymoon are inseparable.

Chatting about your honeymoon breathes life into your union like the fresh scent in the air after a heavy spring rain.

Our honeymoon was unforgettable. Remember how we/you/I [insert hooray, horror or humorous incident]

I’ll never forget when we [fascinating incident] during our honeymoon.

#19. Rekindle your relationship with the marriage maker

Get this.

The depth of your marriage is equal to the depth of your relationship with Christ. Stay close to Jesus and see you marriage meter needle surge.

Nudge your partner back to the place of spiritual intimacy:

Don’t you think we’re slacking in our corporate and individual devotions? Let’s revive them by [suggestion]

I presume Jesus is missing hearing our voices unified in prayer. How can we reconnect with him?

Come on.

You can do this.

You don’t have to write all of them at once. Just pick one note that resonates with your current situation or goal and go for it.

Grab a Pilot G-2.

Write now.

Gather the tinder of love notes, strike the match of silent prayer and watch in awe as the flames of your marriage erupt into an orange bonfire.

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