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2019 Annual Report

We Are My Daily Armor Ministries

A family of ministries covering the globe providing Christian humanitarian relief. Whether it’s providing a warm meal or urgently needed supplies to our communities in need in the US (Jonny’s Wagon), or building a 30-acre farm in Ghana West Africa, or a desperately needed medical clinic in a remote village in Haiti (AOI – Amazing Orphans International), or reaching Christians in their daily walk with Christ through our scriptures and inspirational posts (My Daily Armor). You will always find us somewhere being God’s hands and feet, feeling what His heart feels, and seeing what His eyes see.

My Daily Armor Ministries 2019 Annual Report

Our Mission Is Simple
Care For The Least Of These

On January 21st, 2013 My Daily Armor Ministries began with a simple dream of sharing God’s word, uplifting devotionals, and messages of hope to Christians the world over and today we are blessed to have done this more than a half “B”illion times!

7 years later and through God’s amazing blessings, what began then as a simple idea has grown into an international humanitarian relief effort that has spread into India, Ghana, Haiti, Nepal, Pakistan, Uganda, and the US providing hope to communities in need, jobs, food, clothing, educational opportunities, and medical care to vulnerable, orphaned and abandoned children (the least of these – Matthew 25:40).

It has been an amazing journey, one that is just beginning, that would not have been possible without the financial support of our foundation partners, and the tireless support of our mission partners and volunteers. Without their support My Daily Armor Ministries, Amazing Orphan’s International, and Jonny’s Wagon, simply would not be possible.

“A hundred years from now, I want people to look back at the work we’re doing today, as first steps towards building the greatest humanitarian relief ministry the world has ever known.”

Scott Goldbach
Founder and Executive Director My Daily Armor Ministries
MyDailyArmor.Org AmazingOrphans.Org JonnysWagon.Org

2019 Major Accomplishments
My Daily Armor Ministries

Bibles Verses, Inspirational Posts, and Devotionals Seen More Than 50 Million Times!

Jonny’s Wagon (United States)

Awarded Major Grants
New Truck F250 To Pull Mobile Food Kitchen
Launched Jonny’s Wagon Mobile Food Kitchen
Expanded Into Louisville, and Elizabethtown, KY
Provided Thousands of Meals To Those In Need
“Project Appalachia”
Delivery Of Nearly 7000 Canned Goods And Non Perishables
To Owsley County (3rd Poorest County In Nation)
Created $1000 Scholarship Fund $500 Matching Grant

Created New Partnerships
Warm Blessings In Elizabethtown, KY
Truckers For The Homeless (TFTH)
Blue Lick Elementary School
“Can Drive For The Appalachians”

Amazing Orphans International

Completed Living Word Primary School Uganda
Opened Damou Medical Clinic Haiti
Visit Mission Partners In India
“Began Laying Groundwork For New Children’s Home India”
We Added Mission Partners From Countries of Pakistan – Nepal
Funded First International Field Agent – Enoch Ghana, West Africa

Amazing Orphans International
Countries Added This Year

Letter From Our Founder and Executive Director

2019 has been an amazing year for My Daily Armor Ministries. With God’s continued blessings, the support of our donors, volunteers, foundation and mission partners, we have been blessed to have accomplished so much!

My Daily Armor Ministries

My Daily Armor Ministries conservatively reached more than 50 million viewers this year with our daily bible verses and inspirational Christian posts.

Our all-volunteer social media team works very hard at keeping our content updated and relevant to today’s Christian, and we are very blessed to have them! 

My Daily Armor Ministries, Inc. has a new board of directors going into 2020 and we’ll be seeking ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) certification in 2020.

ECFA is an organization founded by Billy Graham that monitors non-profits, holding them to the highest standards of efficacy and transparency. Only a very small percentage of non-profits in the US have this certification.

Prayers For My Daily Armor Ministries – Please pray that God provides funding for the continued growth of our ministry. That He would provide additional volunteers and people willing to step into leadership roles to help us continue to make a difference in the world.

Amazing Orphans International

2019 saw the grand opening of our Damou Medical Clinic in Jacmel, Haiti. The new medical clinic has become a beacon of hope in the community and has been an incredible success seeing as many as 60 patients a day.

With a very generous grant provided by one of our foundation partners we have just completed funding for first-year operations and were even able to open a maternity ward that is helping save the lives of expectant mothers and is expected to significantly reduce the infant mortality rate in the area.

Additionally, we have had a considerable amount of interest from doctors, and nurses, wishing to visit the medical clinic to provide their essential services.

Prayers For Haiti – Please help us pray for continued success, and for the civil unrest to subside so that church and humanitarian groups can begin safely visiting again.

In Uganda, Amazing Orphans International partnered with Liberty Ministries to help bring hope to the children of a tiny little village in Tororo.

During my visit, I discovered their school, the “Living Word Primary School”, was left unfinished, with no doors, windows, floors, or even the basics like desks and supplies.

AOI was able to help provide the funding to complete the school as well as provide a warm meal during the school day (for many of the children this meal could be the only meal they eat during the day).

Prayers For Uganda – Please pray that God continues to watch over our children. There is a great need in the area and AOI has placed a high priority going into 2020 on developing new support for the children of Tororo, Uganda.

I also had the opportunity to travel to India this year to spend time with our children, Sister Mariyamma (Mary) and brother Raghava (our mission partners, Amazing Children’s Home India).

It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with the children and we were even able to take them to the beach (on the Bay of Bengal), something most had never had the opportunity to do. To see their faces light-up upon seeing the ocean is something I will never forget!

I left with plans to write a grant for a new children’s home, as the place they are currently staying is too small for our 26 children currently living there.

Prayers For India – Please pray that God provides a new children’s home for our little ones here.

Pastor Stephen’s updates coming out of Ghana have been a real blessing, and AOI has even begun supporting Pastor Stephen’s son, Enoch as our first AOI Field Agent.

The reports coming in from Pastor Stephen are that the farm is doing very well, and they are excited about its future.

Pastor Stephen’s son Enoch has begun reaching out into the surrounding communities to help those he finds in great need and has been changing the lives of many he encounters there.

Prayers For Ghana – Please pray for Pastor Stephen and the children. That God would continue to bless the work he and his son Enoch are doing there.

* If you are one of our many AOI Children’s Sponsors that hasn’t visited our “Amazing Orphans International” and “Amazing Orphans Ghana” Facebook pages, you are missing out on some really great photos and stories from our mission partners around the world.

Jonny’s Wagon

Our US outreach, Jonny’s Wagon, was blessed this year with a generous grant that provided for a new Ford F250, additional meals, and funding to complete work on our mobile food kitchen.

With the additional funding, Jonny’s Wagon was able to mobilize our new kitchen and continue our expansion into two new counties in Kentucky this year. We were blessed to have served thousands of hot meals to those in need from our outreach locations.

Additionally, Jonny’s Wagon (through the amazing support and leadership of our good friend, teacher, and volunteer, Todd Henderson) was able to partner with Blue Lick Elementary School to collect nearly 7000 cans of food and nonperishables for Owsley County in Eastern, Kentucky (the third poorest county in the nation)!

With Todd’s leadership and the help of nearly 500 students and faculty from Blue Lick Elementary, 175 families received the help they so desperately needed over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!

Prayers For Jonny’s Wagon – Please pray that we are able to secure funding to keep our food programs alive and active in 2020. It takes a significant amount of money to help feed those who need it most, and we are constantly seeking opportunities to partner with businesses, and donors, to help meet these needs.

Those are our 2019 highlights. We are incredibly excited as we move into 2020 and want to thank you for your continued prayers, and financial support of our ministry work this year!

Meet Our Board Of Directors

Scott and Leslie Goldbach

Scott and Leslie Goldbach

Ms. Barbara Simpson

Ms. Barbara Simpson

Ray and Marty Cunningham

Ray and Marty Cunningham

Tim and Kim Hayes

Tim and Kim Hayes

Meet Our US Mission Partners

Scott Goldbach

Scott Goldbach

MDA Founder And CEO

My Daily Armor Ministries began on January 21st, 2013 as a way of reaching Christians in the daily walk. Since that time, and with God’s amazing blessings, we have continued to expand our ministry and now support vulnerable, orphaned, and abandoned children internationally, and help care for our communities in need in the US. (See Scott’s Bio)

Leslie Goldbach

Leslie Goldbach

MDA Executive Secretary

Leslie sits on My Daily Armor’s Board of Directors and acts as Secretary for My Daily Armor Ministries.

Leslie is the custodian of MDA records and is responsible for maintaining accurate documentation, meeting annual filing deadlines and all legal requirements.

Stephanie Goldbach

Stephanie Goldbach

Director Amazing Orphans International

Stephanie is responsible for assisting with My Daily Armor’s Amazing Orphans International Outreach, including work on complex international projects, and daily communications with our international orphanages and mission partners.

Cindy Martin

Cindy Martin

Sr. Team Lead - Taylorsville, KY

Meet Cindy Martin, Jonny’s Wagon Team Lead for our Taylorsville, KY outreach.

As Team Lead, Cindy is responsible for making sure our Taylorsville operation runs smoothly, which includes meal planning and preparation. Among numerous other duties. 

Kay Vanarsdale

Kay Vanarsdale

Sr. Team Lead - Jr. Leadership Program

Meet Ms. Kay Vanarsdale, MDA’s Sr. Team Lead responsible for our Jr. Leadership Program.

MDA’s Jr. Leadership Program was created to allow our best and brightest young people to bring their biggest dreams and become part of our MDA family. Essentially, creating a pathway to senior leadership within our growing organization.

Jonny G

Jonny G

Homeless Advocate And Sr. Team Lead - Louisville, KY

Jonny G, once homeless, now works with My Daily Armor Ministries “Jonny’s Wagon” as an advocate on behalf of our homeless, and is Sr. Team Lead for our Jonny’s Wagon program in the US.

Jonny is not only our friend, he is a huge part of our MDA Family and an invaluable member of our MDA team.

Pastor Jeremy and Jami Willis

Pastor Jeremy and Jami Willis

USA Mission Partners - Journey Christian Church

Meet Pastor Jeremy and Jami Willis, MDA’s mission partners in Shepherdsville, KY.

Pastor Jeremy preaches at Journey Christian Church. In 2016 Jonny’s Wagon partnered with Journey to provide free hot meals to those in need. And since that time, Journey Christian Church’s Small Groups have played a majority role in supporting our meal program there.

Pastor Chad and Wendy Goodlett

Pastor Chad and Wendy Goodlett

USA Mission Partners - Taylorsville Community Church

Meet Pastor Chad and Wendy Goodlett, MDA’s mission partners in Taylorsville, KY.

Pastor Chad preaches at Taylorsville Community Church and is loved by his entire community. He is also responsible for overseeing the Taylorsville Community Center where we are grateful for the opportunity to serve through our Jonny’s Wagon outreach.

Meet Our International Mission Partners

Enoch Mensah

Enoch Mensah

Ghana Field Agent - Remote Villages of Ghana, West Africa

Meet Enoch Mensah, MDA’s AOI Field Agent in Ghana West Africa.

As Field Agent for Amazing Orphans International Enoch travels to remote villages of Ghana, West Africa in search of those in great need.

Jess and Loubens Eugene

Jess and Loubens Eugene

Haiti Mission Partners - Damou Christian Mission

Meet Jessica and Loubens Eugene (also LJ, and Philip), MDA’s AOI partners in Haiti in support of Damou Christian Mission. Jess and Loubens are a light in a very dark world, and AOI is honored to partner with them, to help support their 30-year track record in Jacmel, Haiti.

Jess and Loubens most recently worked with AOI on the development of a medical clinic that opened in their community of Jacmel, Haiti in January 2019.

Sister Mary Kinnera

Sister Mary Kinnera

India Mission Partners - Amazing Children Home

Meet Sister Mary’s Amazing Children. MDA’s AOI is proud to partner with Sister Mary in support of her Amazing Children’s Orphanage in Pradesh, India.

Sister Mary has an uphill battle given only 2% of the country are known to be Christian, and MDA’s AOI Sponsors are helping make a huge difference for her and her children.

Pastor Stephen and Patricia Mensah

Pastor Stephen and Patricia Mensah

Ghana Mission Partners - King Jesus School and Orphanage

Meet Pastor Stephen and Patricia Mensah, MDA’s AOI partners in Ghana West Africa in support of King Jesus School and Orphanage.

Pastor Stephen and his family work tirelessly to care for hundreds of children that would not otherwise receive a Christian education. They also provide a loving environment, including food and a place to call home to more than 50 orphaned and abandoned children.

Pastor Joseph

Pastor Joseph

Uganda Mission Partner - Living Word Primary School

Meet Pastor Joseph, MDA’s AOI Mission Partner in Tororo, Uganda “Africa” in support of the Living Word Primary School.

Pastor Josesh works with the headmaster at the Living Word Primary School in care of AOI’s Sponsored Children who would not otherwise receive the support they need to attend school.

Before Amazing Orphans International met with Pastor Joseph there was no meal program for the children at the school. AOI was blessed to provide funds to finish the school and create the schools first meal program.

Pastor Adnan Masih

Pastor Adnan Masih

Pakistan Mission Partners - Joyful Education Institute

Meet Pastor Adnan and his wife Uzma, MDA’s AOI partners in Pakistan in support of the Joyful Education Institute.

In 2015 Pastor Adnan and his wife began to minister to the orphaned and disadvantaged children in their surrounding community. Realizing the need, they opened the Joyful Education Institute, offering free education and a life free from working in brick kilns or factories or even being left to roam the streets.

Pastor ND Lama

Pastor ND Lama

Nepal Mission Partner - Nepal

Pastor ND Lama, MDA’s AOI friend and mission partner in Nepal is working with God’s continued blessings to open 1,500 primary schools, plant 400 churches, and build a theological training center during his lifetime. A huge task but we believe God will use Pastor ND to accomplish this great feat. 

Since Christianity is now outlawed in Nepal, Pastor ND’s work is both dangerous, and critically important.

Pastor Vince and Gretta Payne

Pastor Vince and Gretta Payne

Panama Mission Partners - Panama Mission Foundation

Meet Pastor Vince and Gretta Payne, MDA’s AOI mission partners in Panama in support of the Panama Mission Foundation.

Panama Mission Foundation’s mission is Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, discipling believers, training leaders, uniting Christians, and helping the poor.

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